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Quality, Personal Job Search Support

LaBaugh and Associates has offered high quality, personal, job search support for over 20 years.  In Louisville, and almost anywhere in the country, through our affiliation with the Global Outplacement Alliance. 

Unlike many other firms in this digital age, who rely on electronic media to aid their clients, we continue to work face-to-face with our clients by:

  • We develop a strategic targeted resume with you to improve your chances of being selected for interview in the electronic job applicant matching media.  
  • We train you on how these systems work and how to successfully navigate them while using social media to your advantage in your job search.
  • Reviewing interviewing skills targeted at the client’s needs vs. playing a “how-to” video.
  • Practicing negotiating, one-on-one, to strategically maximize each client’s job offer.
  • Counseling clients on personal and professional concerns as they recovery from job loss.
  • Tailoring advice and counseling on a client’s every move through the job search process.

Our offerings have been expanded through a collaboration with Successful Transitions; a Louisville career development firm headed by LeeAnn Bernier.  Her 10 years of directing the University of Louisville Career Center as well as 15 years of operating her own career development firm, provides even more services to clients.

Our office is located at:
Our mailing address is:
Bowman Field Air Terminal
2815 Taylorsville Road, #206
Louisville, KY 40205
Successful Transitions
2000 Eastview Avenue
Louisville, KY 40205

For more specifics about our offerings, including services and pricing, please contact LeeAnn at:


Office Phone: 502.459.5139

Mobile Phone: 502.876.8443

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Phone: 502.500.0170

LaBaugh and Associates is proud founding member of the

Global Outplacement Alliance